Friday, September 27, 2013


My daughter bought one of those cute little Chromebooks.  I confess, you just want to pat it on the head and say, "cutchie, cutchie, coo!"  The keyboard seems a bit small for my hands, but I could probably get used to it.  The screen is a bit old for my old eyes, but I could probably just enlarge the font size in the browser or in a word processor.

It seems to have a few less keys than a full PC keyboard, and it is not a substitute for a PC.  But it seems like a nice substitute for a tablet, a smartphone, or other device where you are tempted to type a novel (into the cloud), but you would come to your senses before that point was reached.

At the same time, it is compact enough to throw into a large coat pocket, and even in the cramped space of the average coach airline seat, there would be enough to room to type reasonably comfortably.

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