Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thoughtful Video by Bill Whittle About the Cyrus Vulgarity


  1. I don't see why Kurt Weill is included among Germany's decadent composers.

  2. This sort of thing has been around before the 20th century but at least it was mostly underground and one had to go out of their way to find it. It has just become more blatant and in your face over the last 30 years or so especially with the advent of MTV and Madonna.

    I'm also not sure putting Weill into that category is reasonable.

    In any case I'm not sure what is worse. The vulgarity of it or that it is so pathetic and how ridiculous Cyrus looks in the whole thing. Then there is the effect on pre-teen and teenage girls in wanting to be "cool" by dressing and acting like that. Or worse, will they still think this is cool after age 30!

    Money is the main motivator of course and no doubt to influence a moral decline as a side benefit. Each "artist" pushes the envelope because they have to go beyond their predecessor.