Friday, September 20, 2013

More Signs That The Navy Yard Shooter Was Spiraling Out Of Control

The September 19, 2013 New York Times reports that there were many incidents showing that Alexis was losing his sanity in the last few months:
In the days before Aaron Alexis called the police in Newport, R.I., to complain that he was hearing voices sent by a “microwave machine,” employees at the Residence Inn in nearby Middletown were struggling to cope with his behavior.
Daily logs kept by the hotel detailed how on successive nights, he knocked on doors to find the voices, woke up a person in one room and frightened another so badly she asked to move. Then came a call from his employer.
“Brenda from The Experts Inc. called re: Mr. Alexis in 407,” a Residence Inn employee noted in a log dated Aug. 7 that was reviewed by The New York Times.
“She explained that he is unstable and the company is bringing him home,” the entry continued. “She asked me to check the room (it was vacant), and check him out.”
This was a tragedy that could have been prevented, and a tragedy not just for the victims, but for Aaron Alexis as well.  Another victory for the ACLU and its abstract notions of due process, completely separated from concern from human beings.

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  1. And so we see the pattern repeat once again.

    The ACLU and the others groups who care about humanity seem to hate people. Not just the people that Alexis shot, but Alexis himself.

    That's OK though, they'll just blame an inanimate object and say we need tighter gun control.

    Because that's worked so well up to this point.