Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Faith-Based Dorms

The September 2, 2013 Wall Street Journal has an article about a rapidly growing movement:
TROY, Ala.—Justice Gray, an incoming college freshman who attends church regularly and abstains from alcohol, wasn't keen on living in a dorm full of partyers. So she opted for a new housing option that just made its debut at Troy University, a public college here: a faith-based residence hall.
Featuring a small chapel and a communal area for Bible studies and other activities, the 376-bed Newman Center caters to students looking to nourish their spiritual side. It is open to people of all faiths, though the ministry space is leased by the Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile. Alcohol is forbidden, even for those of drinking age.
"I like the Christian feel of it," said Ms. Gray, 17 years old, who attends a nondenominational church back home and moved into the dorm in August before the start of classes. "We're like a family."
These dorms are privately built and operated, although on land leased from the university, so the Freedom From Religion Foundation is now suing universities to stop doing this.  Remember that you have to actively seek out getting into these dorms; no one is forced into them.  But the fear that someone, somewhere might choose to live in a dorm that frowns on drunkenness, casual sex, drug use, and wild partying -- the horror!

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