Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ohio Kidnapper Commits Suicide

From September 4, 2013 USA Today:
Ariel Castro, who was sentenced to life in prison last month for abducting and sexually abusing three young women in his Cleveland home, hanged himself in his cell Tuesday night, according to preliminary results of an autopsy performed early Wednesday.
The guy was a monster, but for some reason, I can't feel any glee or joy about this.


  1. I feel a simple, quiet satisfaction. Based on his choices and actions I don't think the man deserved to continue living. Apparently he felt the same. I doubt anyone will miss him.

  2. You have spoken well about Castro's end. I agree with you about his suicide.

    He and Philip and Nancy Garrido in California cause me to ask the question: How many more long term like missing persons are being tortured and imprisoned in this country?

    All the bombardment we receive with statistics in this country from advocates, activists and organizers have educated us all to look for "the odds" that these things are happening to others. My guess is that there are at least one per state of the Union.

    I think that the State of California has learned nothing from the payment of millions in punitive and compensatory damages to Jaycee Lee Dugard after her situation was discovered by a uniformed officer with no direct connection to the Department of Corrections charged with supervising Garrido. Jaycee and her daughters have well deserved compensation and the CDC bureaucrats have their careers and retirements, the citizens of the State of California have been left with an executive branch that continues to defy the orders of the Federal Court when it comes to sentenced prison inmate conditions.

    Thanks for the post and the chance to comment.