Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coming to Indiana Soon

Indiana Tech Law School (which apparently is America's newest law school) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is having a symposium about the Second Amendment and related issues on November 8.  I will be one of the participants.

I will be flying out of Indianapolis (on the other side of the state) on Sunday afternoon, at least partly because I intend to visit Oxford, Indiana, from where my great-great-great-grandfather Samuel McIlvaine joined the Union Army in 1861.  Indianapolis is about 90 miles south-east of Oxford.

Anyway, I will be crossing Indiana from Fort Wayne to Oxford on Saturday, and I can be in the Indianapolis area on Sunday in the morning and probably early afternoon, if someone wants me to come and speak to their event.  I will probably have my wife along so that it is something of a vacation for us.  (If someone picks up my airline ticket, then it is really a bargain vacation if I only to buy her ticket.)


  1. I'm just southwest of Indianapolis, so if you wind up speaking somewhere in the Indianapolis area, please let me know.

  2. You'll be right in my neck of the woods. Where are you staying Saturday night? My family would be honored to have dinner with you in Lafayette/West Lafayette on Saturday if you don't have anything else going on. If you have time while you're here you might also want to see the Battle of Tippecanoe site, or Purdue.