Saturday, September 21, 2013

Guns No Longer In Short Supply

I was talking to my friend Terry Hoover who works for Armageddon Armory a couple of nights ago, and I mentioned that it looks like the panic buying of ammunition and guns has cooled off a bit, and he agreed.  In fact, they are awash in guns right now, sitting on the shelf, waiting for someone to give them a good home!

The prices he quoted on some of them actually seemed almost reasonable.  (I still have some heart repair and kidney stone removal bills to pay off.)  This is what he said was in stock:
Many models of AR-15 (.223/5.56mm) rifles in stock manufactured by:


Sig Sauer
Daniels Defense
American Tactical

Several Models of AR-10 (308/7.62mm) manufactured by:
Armalite AR50  50BMG rifle
LAR Big Boar 50BMG rifle
Barrett M99 50BMG rifle
Barrett M82A1 50BMG semi auto rifle
Barrett M107 50BMG semi auto rifle
Lots of 50BMG ammo in stock, new and remanufactured, Ball, Armor Piercing, Tracer, Armor Piercing Incendary Tracer, etc.

Bushmaster M17S
IO AK47 (hot pink) 7.62x39
Norinco SKS
CAI Yugo AK pistol
Arsenal .223 AK pistol
Keltec SU 16 .223 folding rifle
Professional Ordinance CARBON AR-15 Pistol (before Bushmaster bought them out)

PTR-91 Pistol
FN-FAL (by CAI)) several
Sterling MK IV 9mm
Mini 14 ranch rifle target
Mini 14 ranch rifle wood
Mini 14 ranch rifle synthetic

Auto Ordinance M1 Carbine new
1944 Inland M1 Carbine
1943 Saginaw Steering Gear M1 Carbine

Springfield Armory M1A (308/7.62mm)  wood
Springfield Armory M1A (308/7.62mm)  synthetic

Mitchell Mauser Yugo M48
Model 91/30 Russian Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R (several)
Model 59 Russian Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R
Swiss M1911 straight pull rifles
Steyr 1895 straight pull rifles
Enfield Volley Rifle
Cobray clone  M11 380
Cobray clone M11 9mm
Cobray clone M10 45
.22 caliber 'Assualt Rifles' look alikes
AR-15 Colt
AR15 S&W
AR15 Mossberg
M1 Carbine
HK 4160
Beretta ARX160
22 pistols
Beretta Neos
High Standard
SIG Mosquito
Ruger SR22
Walther P22

handguns  ( 380 & 9mm)
Springfield Armory
Hi Point
Pock Island

handguns 1911 .45
Rock Island Armory
Para Ordinance
Springfield Armpry

Colt Tactical Elite 38 super

Judges, derringers, Tokarev, Makarov, black powder revolvers, many many 2 inch barrel 38 revolvers, hunting revolvers,
cowboy guns , lever action rifles and single action revolvers  TOO MONY TO LIST !
Siaga Shotguns in stock, 410, 20 gauge and 12 gauge, tactical and regular versions, drums, stocks parts in stock !
dozens of riot shotguns, mini shotguns

hunting rifles new and used

youth hunting rifles

Rascal and Cricket  youth starter rifles
Tracer .223, 308 amd 7.62x54R 50 BMG
8mm Lebel
45, 9, 380, 9 makarov, 357 sig, 10mm, 38, 357, 44, 45, 45LC,
Hunting ammo

sorry NO .22LR, 17, 22Mag, 30-30, 30 carbine, 30 tokarev, or 22-250 at this time

Meals Ready to Eat  MRE's by the entree, the single bag, by the case or dozens of cases, we have them 25 year shelf life.


  1. I have seen a similar return to normal at shops around Cincinnati. I go to gun shows every 4 to 6 weeks, and since May, Evil Black Rifles are numerous, and with prices almost back to 2011 levels. ammo is abundant and almost down to old levels.

  2. I was planning on taking a drive to Nampa next Sat. Hopefully I will be able to and will have to stop in and see Terry and the new inventory as it's been a few months since I stopped in. Not that I have money to spend either but I can always look.

    All the other stores in the valley also have lots of inventory so most things are now available. There's about only one place I know that keeps .22 in stock though it's high priced including a lot of the German and British match grade stuff which is always high anyways.

    The buying has definitely slowed down though prices have not and I don't think there is much price haggling either. I'm sure there is still some expectation that we are just one murder massacre away from yet another call for banning everything for the sake of the children cry which could cause another sales spike.

    I have to think so many have maxed out their credit cards and are months away from paying them off as another reason to slow down the buying.

    One nice surprise is greater than 10 round magazines at least in some cases are seeing price slashes and sales in the local stores. AR-15, 10-22, AK-47 50% lower in the stores for example.

    It would be interesting to see the sales data from all the Valley stores, but it's pretty obvious sales are way down from earlier this year. Cliff's told NPR radio (carried locally and nationally) that by May he had already outsold all of last year. It will be interesting to see how the year averages out. There is no longer the mobs blocking the counters and the good luck finding help problem anymore which I saw at every store in the Valley--yes I visited everyone regularly.

    Lot's of .223 on the shelf now, but at an average of 40-50 cents a round darn expensive!

    Some powder and primers. Very limited brass selection still though.

    I have to think that the inventory that sold out earlier this year after the AR-15, Glock, 9mm pistol category was because once those were gone people had nothing else so even cowboy action guns sold out. Without another panic I would think many of those are going to be on the shelf for quite some time now.

  3. Apparently both a move to focus most production on center-fire ammo and fear buying more than a major uptick in actual shooting it is at play.

    I know one major retailer who gets cases of it multiple times a week which 99% of the time sell out that day. I doubt most people are shooting bricks that fast. The same was true of other ammo and we don't see as much of that now so I'm sure it will let down with .22 LR eventually.

    Hint: if you want it then show up at stores when they open or within the first 3-4 hours of opening. Sometimes getting to the store an hour or two before they close will also help you score.

    I do wonder if makers will be reluctant to put a lot into the supply chain which could drive prices down substantially. With plinking ammo easily fetching $25+ per brick or even hitting $100+ on the resell market (at least it was earlier this year).

    I bet Eley and the German makers like Lapua have seen record sales of ammo that likely used to sit in warehouses for months if not years in the past. I'd sure like to see their sales reports.

    Imagine people buying .22LR that sells for .25 to .50 cents per round to go plinking with their loose bore guns (compared to those multi-thousand dollar German, Swiss or Austrian match .22 guns). Then there are those who have paid match ammo prices for high velocity copper jacketed stuff that is very inconsistent in performance.

    Sure if you are shooting for the gold medal in the Olympics but to go plinking!

  4. Unknown, not shooting it more, hoarding it more.

    A lot of people when they see .22 LR just buy it up regardless of need.

  5. Ah, but I can no longer legally purchase a majority of these firearms as they are illegal in NY.

  6. Fudozen: Have you considered moving to the United States of America?