Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just Finished Paying The Last (I Think) Of The Bills From The Heart Surgery

Yow.  Not quite as painful as the surgery and its aftermath, but still really painful. 


  1. So what is the cost breakdown?
    Pre Surgery estimates, vs actuals after your insurance EOBs?

    What were the surprise gotcha's and the hidden add-ons?

  2. Pre-surgery estimates? I didn't even bother asking. I knew it was going to be expensive, but the alternative was waiting until I needed a heart transplant.

    Theoretically, my out of pocket maximum expenses for the plan year should be $3250. I think that is about what it ended up being. I have not added everything up, but I had to pull about $1600 out of savings and a $2000 check arrived from NRA just in time for a magazine article they published by me some months ago. My paychecks were a bit light for a month or so because of being out of work and part-time, so this all adds up about as expected.

    The total bills submitted to the insurance came to about $135,000.

  3. Heartwarming isn't it, to find out how much other people value your life?