Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I Don't Have Much Respect for Democracy

From the August 20, 2012 USA Today:

In USA TODAY/Gallup Poll nationwide and in the 12 top battleground states, most voters say the situation for them and their families hasn't improved over the past four years, the first time that has happened since Ronald Reagan famously posed the question in his debate with President Carter in 1980 — a contest Carter lost.
Even so, President Obama, who in 2008 became the first African American elected president, maintains a slight lead over challenger Mitt Romney in the battleground states likely to decide the election, 47%-44%. That's better than his standing in the non-battleground states, where Romney leads 47%-45%.
What is especially discouraging is the number of voters interviewed who admit that Obama has blown it on the economy--and they will probably vote for him again. The ignorant masses get what they deserve in a democracy. Unfortunately, the rest of us get what the ignorant masses deserve, too.

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