Sunday, August 5, 2012

Closing Mental Hospitals

I don't know all the details--it is at least possible that this mental hospital is excess capacity (although I find it hard to believe that any state mental hospital system has excess capacity right now)--but I thought that I would bring this to the attention of Illinois residents:
"In accordance with the requirements of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act, notice is given of receipt to discontinue an Acute Mental Illness (AMI) care facility. Project 12-060, H. Douglas Singer Mental Health Center, Rockford. Applicants: Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), and IDHS-Office of Mental Health. The applicants propose to discontinue the 76-Bed AMI care facility located at 4402 North Main Street, Rockford"
My latest book emphasized the problem of how extraordinarily difficult commitment has become, but also gave some examples where even voluntary patients were turned away, with tragic results, because of a shortage of bed space.  It appears that there is a hearing Monday "at 12:00pm at Coronado Performing Arts Center" in Rockford to discuss this.

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