Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Using a PR Firm To Promote My Brother Ron

I have had a PR firm recommended to me that costs $500 a month (three month minimum).  Of course, they are quite sure that their connections can get me not only many radio talk shows, but even national TV exposure.  But I was somewhat surprised that they admitted that they found it hard to believe that the book hasn't already received national attention, in light of recent disasters.

I think I am going to go forward on it.  If their work gets me 500 extra book sales a month, it pays for itself.  And the exposure of the general public to the scale of the problem is worth a bit to me even if it doesn't pay off in book sales.


  1. Have they done this kind of promotion before?
    What is their track record?
    Are there other authors whom they can cite as references?

    If not, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

    I will say this - they might not generate 500 sales/month right away, but if they are effective, they will increase sales going forward for several months, perhaps even a year or more. That could amount to several thousand sales.

  2. Yes, they have done similar books to this. John Lott is one of their clients, and recommends them.

  3. I recommended your book again in the comments about the recent shooting down in Texas. Sadly, half the ppl disliked my comments. I assume that they don't believe mental illness had anything to do with this shooting. Fighting denial is tough.

  4. This is a big issue and the PR form may well allow you to break through the prejudice that holds everyone, even psychotics, have the right to do their own thing.

    Good luck

  5. Not sure if you saw this but Cato Unbound is doing a series on mental health and the law.