Wednesday, August 1, 2012

America's Taliban

Liberals keep describing social conservatives as "America's Taliban," and using the term "fundamentalist" to describe Taliban-like groups.  So tell me, does this description of what is going on in northern Mali sound like something that Focus on the Family would do?  From the July 30, 2012 New York Times:
BAMAKO, Mali — Islamists in control of a town in northern Mali stoned a couple to death after accusing them of having children outside of marriage, a local official who was one of several hundred witnesses to the killings said Monday.
The official said the bearded Islamists, armed with Kalashnikov rifles, brought the couple into the center of the town of Aguelhok from about 12 miles away in the countryside. The young man and woman were forced into holes about four feet deep, with their heads protruding, and then stoned to death at about 5 a.m. Sunday, the official said.
“They put them into the holes, and then they started throwing big rocks, until they were dead,” the official said, speaking by satellite phone from the remote desert town near the Algerian border.
The couple said that these weren't even their children.

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  1. Was this a reaction by primitives against adoption and foster care? The mind reels not merely at this act of -- barbarity seems such an anaemic word -- lets go with thoughtless partisanship by the Western media for ignoring the primitives with modern weapons.