Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reminders of the Hypocrisy of the Left

If any other California industry failed to take action to prevent its employees from getting infected as part of their job, the California legislature would pass regulations to protect those employees.  But the industry is pornographic films, so it gets special treatment--to the point that it is going to take an initiative to require use of condoms.  From the August 20, 2012 Los Angeles Times:
Jolted by the possibility of a syphilis outbreak among its ranks, a Los Angeles-based trade group that represents the adult film industry announced a nationwide moratorium on X-rated productions while more than 1,000 porn performers are tested....
Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said Monday the developments show that adult film companies are incapable of policing themselves. His group said the syphilis incident would be used as part of the campaign for Measure B, a proposal on the Nov. 6 countywide ballot mandating the use condoms during professional X-rated shoots. And it accused adult film productions of being "bad corporate citizens," saying that no other business would tolerate transmission of any diseases, sexual or otherwise.
"We don't settle for that in food preparation. We don't settle for that in factories," said Tom Myers, general counsel for the group. "I can't think of any other [workplace] where there's an acceptable level of transmissible diseases as a normal course of business "


  1. But it's the Republicans who are blocking the healthy countermeasures, doncha know?
    They want to regulate every aspect of your life, except when they want to be lassez-faire for business.

  2. The main reason for it is that no one watches porn movies that use condoms.

  3. "I can't think of any other [workplace] where there's an acceptable level of transmissible diseases as a normal course of business "

    That's obviously a crock. Anyone who deals with the public has an increased risk for communicable diseases. The medical profession in particular would be one in which one would expect a higher rate of disease transmission. Yes, they take measures to try to keep transmissions down, but when you spend your days around sick people, you have to expect that their is a risk you will catch something yourself.

  4. However: the medical profession expects you to wear gloves for examinations; food prep involves hair nets and in some fields, use of gloves, or separation of food prep from money handling. Condoms in porn would be the equivalent of expecting nurses to wear gloves while drawing blood.