Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is This A Nasty Stereotype?

Dan Popkey at the Idaho Statesman writes an obituary about John Gerassi, the author of The Boys of Boise:

Gerassi’s book on Boise chronicled a purported 1955 homosexual sex-ring scare that prompted police to interview almost 1,500 people in a city that then had a population of 34,000.
The Idaho Statesman demanded that local officials “Crush the Monster” and called homosexuals a “cancerous growth.” Boise wound up in Time magazine and newspapers across the country.
And then Popkey gives a bit more detail about this ring:
In the end, 16 men were arrested, some for consensual sex. Nine were convicted on charges including lewd and lascivious conduct with children under 16 and infamous crimes against nature. One was sentenced to life. There were reports of an underworld that victimized hundreds of underage boys, but the number dwindled to four or five, some of whom were paid for sex.
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But wait!  Homosexuals as child molesters is just a nasty stereotype!  Popkey both congratulates Gerassi's book for helping the bring about gay rights, and then admits that these were child molesters.

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  1. An intellectually-honest response might be as follows:

    Back when homosexuals were 'in the closet', the only way a homosexual person would make the news would be by committing a crime.

    Homosexuals who were moderately-intelligent were able to live their lifestyle in the closet by not engaging in the crime of homosexual intercourse with a minor. (And not doing anything else that might bring police attention to the homosexual behavior.)

    Those homosexuals who could not abstain from homosexual intercourse with minors were more likely to generate scandals, police attention, and books like this.

    However, I am still waiting for the mainstream of the homosexual-rights movement to engage in intellectually-honest discussions of this type.

  2. Was Harry Reid involved?

    I mean, with all the rumors, you begin to wonder.

  3. Karrde. Yes, I await intellectual honesty from them (and many others on the left, too, unfortunately).
    I first read your argument in reference to alcohol use and abuse during Prohibition and after as an argument for the legalization of various drugs currently illegal.