Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weird Spam

There's a lot of spam I get that doesn't surprise me, because it is by its nature, considered to be of general interest: body part enlargement; how to get rich at home without working hard; "Dear Sir/Madam: I am dying of cancer, and must find someone to take my millions."  But there is other spam I get that makes me wonder, "How did I get on this list?"  Golf?  I don't golf.  And then there are highly specialized lists, like this:

The 3rd International Congress on
Controversies in Cryopreservation of Stem Cells, Reproductive Cells, Tissue & Organs (CRYO)
Berlin, Germany, March 21-23, 2013


  1. Nothing to do with spam, I just needed a place to make a comment:

    Have you noticed that there is a "used" copy of your book already for sale, and it is listed at a higher price than the new paperback? Most peculiar. I have to think this is some kind of automated pricing that went awry.

    And the price for the paperback jumped about $3 since yesterday! I had just recommended your book to someone via email, and had quoted the Kindle and paperback price just yesterday (he replied he would get a copy). The paperback was $7.88 then. As I write this, it is $10.50 for the Prime-delivered paperback.

    I hope this means good things for your book!


  2. I have somehow got on a list for business services in Malaysia. I get spam for car rentals in Penang, office space in Alor Star, and marketing seminars in Kuala Lumpur.

  3. For several years, I studied mathematics in grad school. The email account that I was given at that University is still active, and it occasionally gets Math-Conference spam. someone convinced that you're an academic who writes in the field of bioethics?

    Because that's what this particular spam looks like.