Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reflections on The Turn of the Wheel

When I graduated from high school, homosexual sex was a crime in the state where I lived: California.  I found the whole concept of making something like that a criminal offense bizarre.

Today, homosexual activists, and politicians who are clearly trying to appeal to homosexuals for votes, feel that it is appropriate to threaten to use the government to prevent businesses from opening up because the owner supports keeping the definition of marriage that we have used in Western civilization for 1600 years.  In some states, a simple, polite refusal to photograph an event that throughout 1600 years would have been regarded as either criminal or blasphemous, depending on the era, turns into an expensive, crushing lawsuit.

Victims of oppression don't seem to learn anything from the experience except to oppress when they get on top.  I have little hope for the future, because this is a losing battle for Christianity.  Unfortunately for homosexuals, they are going to discover that when Christianity is successfully crushed, the need for a spiritual significance to life will not have gone away.  Islam will have replaced it.  And it will be far harsher than Christianity towards homosexuality.


  1. Yeah, I'm waiting for these "truth to power" folks to go to Saudi Arabia and push their cause.

  2. "Victims of oppression don't seem to learn anything from the experience except to oppress when they get on top."

    That's so usual that I was surprised that Mandela in South Africa behaved better than that. His political heirs don't, though.

  3. Christianity will never be crushed. In fact it gets always gets stronger with persecution.

  4. Too many of us seem to have lost all capacity for critical thinking. Do you think those mayors who disapproved of Chick-Fil-A so much ever thought the shoe could be on the other foot. What if they had a business and let it be known that they support gun control. Would they approve of a pro Second Amendment governor or mayor refusing to allow their business in their jurisdiction?

    On the other hand, it probably isn't an issue of critical thinking but of tyranny. They are just Mussolini wannabes.

  5. We've been here before. This time, let's build a bigger boat.

  6. They're "on the side of history". Of course they'll never find themselves suffering under the things they once suffered from.

    Idiots, the lot of them.

  7. Unfortunately, until that happens, at which time it will be too late, telling them what will happen is only hateful abstract fiction.
    I'd say they deserve it for being so stupid and short-sighted, but I don't want to live under such an un-free, anti-liberty oppressive regime, so I will continue to behave and speak as if they have functioning brains and can understand important arguments
    (and by "they" and "them" I include such fellow travelers as my leftist brothers and useful idiots as their Stalinist wives).