Monday, August 27, 2012

What An Impressive Turnout

Protesters blamed Tropical Storm Isaac and a massive police presence Monday for their weak showing at the Republican National Convention. Only a fraction of the 5,000 expected demonstrators actually turned out to criticize the GOP's economic and social policies....
About 200 people marched as part of the Coalition to March on the RNC's rally in an empty lot near the arena where the Republicans will be nominating Mitt Romney as their candidate for president. ...
The 60 organizing groups for the protests included labor unions, Students for a Democratic Society, Veterans for Peace, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Occupy Wall Street and Code Pink.
Wow!  That means about...3 1/3 protesters per group.  Boy, do they speak for the 99%!  I am so impressed!

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  1. It is always amusing when people presume to speak for others. Even you and me, who have many similar views, don't always see eye to eye so it would be silly for me to try to speak for you. Now try to do this for a large number of complete strangers!

    Collectivists are so concerned with the well being of the collective they usually fail to see the harm they do to the individual.