Monday, July 4, 2011

Stuff That Works Well

I helped my wife clean the windows this evening.  Our builder found the number of windows in the house he built for us a bit much: he called it "the house of many windows."  But heck, we've got views in all directions, and I wanted to take advantage of them.

My wife uses something from S.C. Johnson called Windex Outdoor Window & Surface Cleaner that is really quite astonishing!  We had some neighbors in California that used it, and it really does make window cleaning astonishingly easy.  You hook it up to your garden hose.  One setting on the bottle sprays a cleaning agent on the windows, and the other setting rinses--but there is something about the cleaning agent that prevents water spotting after you are done rinsing, even with hard water, like we had in California and Boise.  You spray it on, spray it off, and it comes out clear and spotless.

This is the first time that I have helped my wife with this chore because she is still recovering from shoulder surgery.  It is very cool to find something that works this well.

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