Friday, July 22, 2011

Kindle Virtues

I tend to wear Hawaiian shirts--and the Kindle 3 fits in my shirt pocket just fine.  There are not a lot of books, even paperbacks, that do so.  Right now, I have dozens of books loaded into my Kindle that I can read if I ever stuck in a car repair shop, or a doctor's office, or any of a number of different time wasters.  That's kind of neat!

By the way: if you are going to be buying something from anyway, if you use a link to the product on this blog, or the Amazon 2.0 Search tool on the right side, it puts a little money in my pocket, without increasing your cost at all.  While is not always the cheapest store on the Internet, they are often the cheapest, or at least very near the bottom.

1 comment:

  1. Download the Send to Reader widget at

    This puts a bookmark on your Firefox toolbar. Whenever you see an article or blog post on the web that you would like to read, click the send to reader bookmark. It sends the page to your Kindle.

    In the process it strips out ads, sidebars and other stuff. It also reformats it to Kindle text so that, unlike a PDF, you can resize the fonts. It will send most pictures that are in the body of the article.

    Wonderful tool.

    John Henry