Saturday, July 16, 2011

Michelle Bachman and the Shot Heard Round the World

I remember hearing a few weeks back that Michelle Bachman spoke in New Hampshire, and made a fool of herself because she didn't know that the Battles of Lexington and Concord were in Massachusetts--not New Hampshire.  I was disappointed to hear this, but not spectacularly surprised.

I am putting together presentation for this coming semester, including examples of politicians who misuse history, out of either malice or ignorance, and of course I have the video of Joe Biden talking about how Roosevelt went on television right after the stock market crash.  So I went out, in the interests of fairness, to find the video of Bachman's ignorance.  And guess what?  The lamestream media are lying.  Here's the video: she clearly knows that Lexington and Concord are not in New Hampshire:

The news media are lying whores for the Democrats.  It is beyond repair.


  1. ...and the Japanese attacked Pearl Bailey...


  2. The statement of interest is right at the beginning of her speech...about 2:10 in.

  3. Is that the correct video? It doesn't seem to match the quoted versions I've seen of the gaffe, and she wouldn't have had to admit her mistake, as indicated here:

  4. Interesting question. Did she perhaps screw up in one speech in New Hampshire, but got it right later? I would not find it implausible that reporters might have made up a quote or changed the context.