Sunday, July 17, 2011

New PajamasMedia Article

Is Romney Our Best Choice?


  1. I read your article, and read the comments afterwards. While I was disappointed to see a handful of people attack Romney for the wrong reasons--ie, his religion is nutty--I was happy to see a lot of comments attack Romney for the right reasons: his political positions are nutty.

    I have to confess that I voted for Romney in the primaries in 2008; mostly, though, because by the time the primaries reached Utah, Fred Thompson had dropped out, and I didn't like anyone else who was left. I kindof wish I voted for Fred anyway.

    Also, for the record, I share Romney's faith--thus, my opposition to Romney, at least, isn't based on his religion! :-)

  2. I didn't see a lot of people over at PJM attacking Romney for his religious beliefs, but I did see some people argue that Mormonism is really not that much outside the mainstream of Christianity, and others argue that yes, it really is! That's not a good reason for voting against Romney, of course, and I saw no commenters who argued that it was.

    Of course, if Romney is the nominee, there's no choice in the matter: Obama is the greatest threat that America has ever elected.