Thursday, July 21, 2011

That Linux Problem

Very odd.  I had actually installed 10.04 on this box before.  The 11.04 CD would not boot.  The 9.04 CD is installing just fine.  All the RAM and hard disk tests passed.

UPDATE: And yet on reboot, grub won't boot.  I'll try and upgrade to 11.04 while running 9.04 from the CD.
Grub 1.5 is installed by 9.04, and Error 18 means that the BIOS is incompatible with this size of hard disk.  But I had this working a few months ago, so I suspect that the version of Grub installed with 10.04 Ubuntu Linux handles this.  Now I will download 10.04 and put that on a CD.


  1. I was thinking a corrupted hard drive table, but now I'm wondering if its a corrupted BIOS.

  2. Hmmm. This may not be it, but here's a test you haven't tried yet (or at least that you haven't mentioned trying).

    That 11.04 CD that won't boot -- have you verified the CD in another computer? Just plug it in to another computer, make sure it boots, then run its self-check (the "Check CD for defects" menu option). There has to be something else wrong as well given your original inability to boot from hard disk, but the fact that the 9.04 CD would boot while the 11.04 CD wouldn't is making me wonder about the integrity of that 11.04 CD.