Saturday, July 16, 2011

PowerPoint 2010 Question

I am using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 because I need the ability to record a lecture on top of the PowerPoint presentation.  I imported the presentation from OpenOffice Impress and everything came through just fine...except that when I add notes, on some pages, the notes do not wrap when printed, and on others, they do.

As an example:

In a traditional classroom, the professor lectures, and ideally, students ask questions.  Sometimes because the professor isn’t clear about something, or because a student sees a connection and wants to talk about it.

Appears fine in the notes window--but when I print the notes pages out, it does not wrap this paragraph on the output--it just disappears off the end part way through "because."  I don't see anything that controls word wrap, and even I cut and paste fresh text into the notes section, it does change the behavior.  Any suggestions?

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  1. If Impress is like the various "drawing" programs I've used, your text is inside a resizable box; text wraps to the limits of the box. The size of the box is often arbitrary, and it's not always obvious how to find the box or change it. What happens when the text spills out of the box also varies between programs, so your non-wrapping text may be the result of a too-small text box.