Monday, July 18, 2011


We made pizza using Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Mix this evening.  I would say that while it wasn't quite up there with Boboli, it was actually pretty respectable.  My wife made the thin crust form, and since I am used to thick crust, that may account for some of the disappointment relative to restaurant pizza.  Still, she hasn't had pizza in quite a while.  While I am not affected as severely as she is, I do see some unpleasant consequences from eating gluten-containing foods.

Also, warning: Kraft has a new cracked pepper mayonnaise out there, and my wife used it for a sandwich yesterday--and suffering pretty noticeable side effects.  It turns out that the ingredients labels (which she should have checked before buying it) shows modified food starch.  Generally, if a food lists "modified food starch" as opposed to the more specific "corn starch" or "potato starch," it is generally made from wheat.  It certainly treated her intestines that way.  She did say it was very tasty,  for those of who can eat gluten.

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