Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Finished Renewing My Maine Concealed Weapon Permit

It isn't really particularly painful, and even $60 isn't bad--but I confess that I do find it attractive to think that some day the courts may require every state to recognize every other state's concealed weapon permits as a Fourteenth Amendment privileges or immunities provision.  I have permits from a number of states that I have not visited in decades (like Florida and Maine) simply because I have this fantasy of the economy recovering, me being able to get a private sector job again, and then being able to afford to go on vacations again.  At that point, having licenses from states scattered around the country will be somewhat useful.

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  1. Clayton, I too would love to see concealed-carry reciprocity across the Fruited Plain. (Particularly since Idaho expressly honors any other state's permit... we already have it here.)

    What do you s'pose the penalty is, for a concealed-permit holder to illegally carry concealed in another state? I like to fantasize that if they did a background check and concluded that I was generally a good guy and not a bad guy, they wouldn't treat me too harshly.

    (When I'm traveling by motorcycle - and I just got back from a week-long trip to OR and CA on the day you posted this - I prefer to carry my weapon. In 30+ years of the practice I've never needed it, nor have I ever had an encounter with law enforcement about the weapon or otherwise. But, "better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." I figure if the topic of my concealed weapon comes up, it will be as the result of some sort of activity with potential consequences far more severe than those I'd face on account of having an illegally-concealed weapon.)