Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Why Pass Laws If You Don't Enforce Them?

1/7/20 N.J. 101.5 reports on the history of the guy in the White Settlement mass murder attempt:
Despite Kinnunen's history of mental illness — including a 2012 judge's order declaring him unfit to stand trial — it does not appear his plea deals were enough to trigger legal provisions limiting gun ownership, which would apply in cases involving domestic violence and felonies.....
In Oklahoma in 2011, Kinnunen was charged with felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after attacking the owner of a doughnut shop. He was also charged with arson in a separate offense in which he was accused of starting a fire at a cotton field with flaming tampons. Police also said that he forced his underage to throw around a flaming football.
An Oklahoma judge in 2012 ruled him mentally incompetent to stand trial and committed him to a psychiatric facility. A year later, he pleaded guilty after the charges were downgraded to misdemeanors.

Read More: NJ gave Texas church gunman plea deal that wiped out gun felony | https://nj1015.com/nj-gave-texas-church-gunman-plea-deal-that-wiped-out-gun-felony/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral
Involuntary commitment is a firearms disqualifier.  So is being deemed mentally incompetent by a court. There is no value to NICS if the courts won't file the information.


StormCchaser said...

Do we know why the commitment wasn't in the system? Screw-up or intentional failure to file?

SSG Mac said...

The answer to your rhetorical question is: because you CAN enforce them when it's convenient. This happens all the time, and is classically characterized by the case of Gen Flynn; can't get someone the way you want to? FIND a violation to hang around their neck.
It's wonderfully convenient to Totalitarians who need the veneer of Law.

BFR said...


The entire premise of laws enacted and/or selectively enforced by communists is to create concentric circles of control around those they intend to enslave.

In NYC, criminals are now released immediately, by law, without bond even after continuing repetitive offenses. Atlanta just adopted a "no-chase" policy for all crime. All the perpetrator has to do is drive away; the police have been ordered to not follow.

These and similar policies are being enacted nationwide in all of the communist enclaves. The oft-stated reason is because the enforcement of law "disproportionately impacts people-of-color".

As we speak, an alliance led by pro-China communists plans to mobilize 40 million new Democratic voters for the 2020 election. https://www.trevorloudon.com/2020/01/40-million-new-democrat-voters-will-the-state-power-caucus-destroy-america/

So you tell me. If someone set out to destroy a society and culture, would you do anything different than these types of actions?

tkc said...

You pass laws and don't enforce them so you can later claim the law didn't go far enough so must pass more laws. And raise taxes.

Windy Wilson said...

Comrade SSG Mac is correct. Show me the man, I'll show you the crime. Felix Dzerzhinsky

I forget who wrote it, but a blogger wrote how he and other District Attorneys would think of someone and discuss how that person might be charged with a crime from the Federal Criminal Code. The crimes were always the abstract ones with vague elements. We now have a criminal code similar to the one used by the Soviets. "Forming independent Opinions." -- 25 years in labor camps.