Tuesday, January 28, 2020

This Upcoming KBSU-Sponsored Town Hall About Guns in America

I am told that it is being mentioned by KBSU, but not the speakers.  If you know anyone who is pro-gun and not nine sheets to the wind in conspiracy theories or general nuttiness, it would be nice if the audience wasn't 99% gun control advocates glaring at me and calling me a murderer.  The CNN Town Hall after Parkland was either something of a setup, or our side did not know to show up.

Feb. 4, 6-8pm, Cinder Winery, 107 E 44th St, Garden City, ID 83714.


TCK said...

I don't see how anyone with at least half a functioning brain-cell can call the Parkland Star Chamber anything other than a set-up.

Unknown said...

Update this morning (1/29) on the commercial. Still doesn't say who will be speaking, but now also has a brief audio clip of Warren mentioning the evil gun lobby and a clip of a guy (not sure who, but not Clayton) saying guns aren't the problem.