Sunday, January 12, 2020

Offer Accepted

And we are buying it for less than it originally sold in 2016.  This is a very high-end house in a similar neighborhood.  My big concern was if the rooms were big enough.  Our current house reflects my design requirements and has larger rooms, but these are going to work.

One of the garage bays is abnormally long so the table with mill, lathe, and drill press will fit against one wall, and another wall will have the pegboard and tools.  The desk, printer stand, and one bookcase will fit against one office wall.  The treadmill goes in the middle of the room, and because I keep from boring myself by watching YouTuve, I will watch it on my PC.  I am gratified to see 100Mbps service for $49.95.  Right now I pay $69.95 for 20 Mbps.  I might even splurge on Gigabit service, but the ac wireless maybe the limitation.

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