Friday, January 10, 2020

Opera Does Not Reliably Work For Logging In

Anything secure: my brokerage account, my credit union, my IRA just refuses to login.  Back to Firefox.


StormCchaser said...

Have you tried the Brave browser? It's from Brendan Eichs, the inventor of Javascript, and the guy fired from head of Mozilla (i.e, Firefox) for having contributed to the successful anti-gay-marriage campaign in California.

Brave's focus is on privacy.

Clayton Cramer said...

Last time I tried Brave, it still had some problems. Brendan has been in my home. Good guy.

Jim said...

I have no problems logging into my bank or investment accounts with Opera so I'm surprised you're having trouble. I don't know your symptoms so this might not be very helpful, but have you tried monkeying with the "Privacy Protection" shield thingy at the end of the address bar? I had one site that didn't display an entry field that I needed to use and, to my astonishment, changing the privacy settings fixed it!

Anthony said...

I've switched from Opera to Vivaldi, which is made by the former Opera team. Opera is now Chinese.

Every once in a while a minor update screws things up, but that usually gets fixed in a day or two with another update.