Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fun With Ethernet

When I installed the latest LinuxCNC release built on Debian on the CNC notebook, I noticed it claimed the Ethernet adapter was 2 Gb/second, which is hard to believe for a 2003 era noteboook.   Certainly the Ethernet link isn't that fast through the electrical wiring.

Another reminder that Windows 10 isn't really ready for commercial use (you knew you were beta release customers, right?) is that the Ethernet interface on my antique does not reliably work  It keeps complaing that the Winsock protocol registry entries are corrupted.  The Microsoft "fix" is netsh winsock reset as Administrator then reboot.  Which of course fixes nothing.  When I get my new hard disk tomorrow for the Lenovo, I am going to install Windows 7 Pro abnd leave it there.  Windows 10 is not really ready.

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