Monday, June 2, 2014

Rhymes With "Colonoscopy"

Someone needs to write a really funny song about the importance of regular colonoscopies, the musical equivalent of Dave Barry's riotously funny column about the subject some years ago.  I am hungry and grumpy at the moment, preparing for my five year follow-up to my last colonoscopy tomorrow.

But what words rhyme with colonoscopy?

UPDATE: They don't manage to rhyme colonoscopy, but...


Minicapt said...


Jerry The Geek said...

Actually, there are a couple of words which rhyme perfectly with "Colonoscopy", and you will be slapping yourself upside the head when you realize you missed the oh-so-obvious.

Those words are:




No, don't thank me. I know you would realized it sooner or later

Sigivald said...

Microscopy, telescopy, pretty much any verb involving (as Bauhaus put it), "the twenty scopes".