Sunday, March 10, 2024

.22 Surprising Penetration

This article about.22LR penetration says that they got 8" penetration in ballistic gelatin from a 2.5" barrel.  That is not like a .45 or a 9mm of course but if you can make several solid hits because the recoil is so low and you can afford to go through 200 rounds a month in practice, I suspect few criminal attackers are going to take three or four solid hits and say, "Only 8" penetration.  I will continue the attack!"

Again: Cramer Rule: the mouse gun you have with you is more effective than the custom race gun in 10mm that is too heavy or bulky to put in your pocket without printing so well that blind people can see that you are carrying. (I am going to rename that.  Cramer's Rule sounded familiar.  Yes solving multiple equations multiple unknowns where the count of equations and unknowns are equal.  I am convinced this is why I received an A in third semester algebra: the only A I received in math in high school.  Math is why I did not graduate with a 4.0 GPA.)

When my wife and I went through concealed weapon training in California to get our CCWs, the last night (for those who had not yet scored the minimum ), Deputy Douglas had them do the Mozambique Drill: two to center of mass, one to the head.  She became pretty at that with a .45.

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