Tuesday, March 19, 2024

A/V Question

We did the walkthrough of the new house with the builder today.  (Super nice guy; not building houses until he gets the capital out of this magnificent house next week ). He explained there was RJ5 (I think he meant RJ.5) and RJ6 (I think he meant RG6) from the Harry Potter closet to every bedroom.  

The mantle has a place for the TV and on the shelves to the side is an opening to cables that run up to behind the TV.  Currently, my TV has three HDMI cables: Roku box, DVD player, and a spare for hooking up a PC.  Do I hook up an HDMI to Ethernet adapter at the Roku box and the reverse at the TV?  How about the DVD player?  The goal is to reduce cabling.  

Is there a remote control switch that lets me select which of the several HDMI inputs should be fed to the HDMI to Ethernet adapter?

It looks like the right solution is a new TV with Roku built-in with WiFi.


  1. Splurge on a decent (or even a modest) AV receiver. I have a central speaker, 2 side speakers, 2 rear speakers and a modest subwoofer. Everything connects to the AV receiver and one HDMI cable connects the receiver to the TV.

    My receiver automatically switches to whatever input becomes active. If I load a Bluray disk, that becomes active. If I start using Chromecast, that becomes active. Actually it may be when I power on the BR. The remote for the receiver will let me manually switch inputs if something doesn't go right.

    I haven't used ROKU in a very long time, but it was plugged into the back of the receiver as well. It didn't survive a lightning strike 7 years ago.

    The receiver can connect via Ethernet or WiFi.

    I'm not sure if this simplifies the cabling dilemma, just changes the parameters. Friends of mine, when they remodeled their family room had rear speakers installed in the ceiling. That is really the hardest issue.

  2. If you use the AV receiver setup I described, that also lets you add stuff if you want to - make sure there are enough HDMI inputs on the receiver... A small form factor gaming PC. PlayStation/Xbox/whatever.

    As for the speakers, I think there are wireless options that actually work for the rear speakers today.