Saturday, March 9, 2024

Walther PPKS

I went to the range today.  To renew my Enhanced Carry License, Canyon County is insisting on my Certificate of completion of the required course because they believe some counties were issuing Enhanced without the Certificate.

Boise County, which first issued my Enhanced license, cannot find the certificate and shows signs of serious record keeping confusion so perhaps Canyon County's concern on this matter is not without merit. So I took the class again from Terry Allen Hoover who is a great firearms instructor as well as my friend.  (I will plug his next class shortly.)

Today at the range he worked with me on basic technique with revolvers (with which I have never had any formal marksmanship training).  He also showed me a technique he learned from Obi Wan Kenobi where you keep your pistol centerline with your solar plexus and pivot your body until your sagitta aligns with target sagitta.  I have never seen this discussed anywhere and it works.  My Browning Hi-Power at 25 yards on humanoid metal plates was at least as good as conventional sighting and faster.

I also finally had the chance to shoot my new Walther PPKS .22LR.  Using the sagittal technique, at least 25 of 30 shots hit the metal plates and at a speed that I found astonishing.  Remember that accuracy is not just incapacitating someone who intends you death or great bodily harm, but also avoiding hitting bystanders.

The American Eagle standard velocity hollow points ammunition had a couple of jams (not sure if these were ejection or feeding jams) but otherwise they operated the mechanism just fine.  The CCI Mini-Mags worked flawlessly.

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