Friday, March 15, 2024

Suggestions for Obscuring Above Ground Plumbing

In this case the sprinkler/well/irrigation valves that are above ground as well as the access covers to the septic tank.  The fake rocks are not big enough.  Does anyone make tiny little barns (not model railroad size) that could just go over the top so they could be easily removed for access?

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  1. We had a realtor who very strongly suggested that the exposed part of the well head needed to be in an insulated enclosure, so I laid-out a mini pent-shed (shed-roof shed) about 18-inches high that could be made with a single sheet of t-111 textured OSB siding with a few scraps of 2x2 for something to put screws into at the corners. I cut the OSB T-111 top to have 1-inch overhang of the sides so that rain drips off instead of entering the joint. Even sitting with the cut edge of the board on the often damp ground, it looks fine 16 years later

    It later struck me that there are nice looking dog-houses that either don't have a bottom -- or have a bottom that a sufficient opening can be cut into, that they could be easily placed over the offending yard-protrusions.