Friday, March 1, 2024

New House

There are 25 potential buyers already lined up for our current house.  It will not close before we close on the new house, so today was spent doing a mortgage application. 

The new house was described as having an XL conditioned crawlspace.  If you do not recognize "conditioned crawlspace," newer houses have crawlspaces that are cooled or heated and are pretty free of dirt and bugs.  This is much nicer if you have need to go under to do repairs.  Been there twice as a teen and do not want to repeat that.

What is XL?  It is about three or four feet of clearance.  A small ladder might be appropriate.  It would also make a tolerable expedient fallout shelter.  Two stories above you and a mass of basalt shielding (the foundation was poured on bedrock) you from the above ground side of the house that is the big radiation threat.  You might not want to spend all day there, but sleep would reduce your exposure quite a bit.

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