Friday, March 15, 2024

Interesting Aspects of the Peasants' Revolt

The History Hits Channel* had a very interesting three part series on the 1381 Peasants ' Revolt which came very close to overthrowing the English government.  

A couple of interesting aspects of it that anyone familiar with the Insurrectionary Theory of the Second Amendment, endorsed by James Madison, among other Framers, will find interesting.

Recent research by the 1381 Project has found that a number of the peasants were veterans, familiar with war and sympathetic to the concerns of those being abused by the new taxes.

Another was how many of weapons used by the peasants were tools repurposed for military purposes (think hunting rifles today).

By sheer numbers, the peasants were able to overrun the existing order.  At Rochester Castle, they took the fortress at least in part because the guards were sympathetic to their cause and opened up the gates.  (Alas, there is no video to be released.)

*One of the interesting parts of their documentaries is Elizabeth Janega, an American historian specialized in medieval England.  She is interesting, fun to listen to, and occasionally her American citizenship shows through.  At one point she is preparing to fire a crossbow, and the armorer explains that there is no recoil; it does require it be on her shoulder.  "You can take the girl out of America...."

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