Saturday, February 3, 2024

Why Conservatives & Libertarians Differ on Drug Laws

 2/2/24 Daily Mail:

Former classmates of Justin Mohn told that the alleged killer 'snapped' after taking 'a lot of psychedelic drugs', including LSD, while studying Agribusiness at Penn State University.

'It's common knowledge that he took a lot of LSD, and it's widely accepted by his friends that it destroyed his brain', one told

'He stopped responding to his friends, he just ghosted everyone. After he attended Penn Sate he would post these paranoid statuses and delete them.

'A lot of his friends had said previously that they wouldn't be surprised if he killed someone one day.'

On Tuesday, Mohn was arrested and charged with first-degree murder hours after beheading his father Michael, 68, and showing off his head in a YouTube video.

Prior to Mohn's alleged drug use he was described as being 'cocky', 'snobby' and 'intelligent' during his teenage years, and even voted class clown in high school. 

One pal told that Mohn was a 'genius' who excelled at everything he tried, and showed no signs of mental illness.

They added: 'He was always happy, never upset, never angry. He never got into fights before college.'

'It was around 2015 that he started posting paranoid rants, that seems to be when he snapped and started having the same mindset as in his video,' they added.

The difficulty is how do you know who will lose it?  As much as I like the ideat hat we should all be responsible for our actions and free to do stupid things, this is why conservatives are prepared to impose some limits.  Alcohol's part in murder, rape, robbery, battery, and accidents involving power tools are so well established that Prohibition, no matter how ineffective it was, qualifies as a Noble Experiment.  Unfortunately, alcohol was such an ingrained part of our culture as to be unstoppable.  I fear marijuana is now similar.  Oregon tried to make all hard drugs in the same category. 

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