Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Odd Documentary

 Maybe not so much odd as it can be watched as cheerful, or depressing.  NYC is Building Anti-Migrant Streets.  Because NYC said it wanted to be welcoming to illegal immigrants, it now has enough to be a social problem.  The filmmaker is clearly disturbed by the steps both government and privater property owners have taken.  

  • Pretty much any place that you might sit and while away the hours begging or sleeping now have spikes and other unpleasant additons to discourage this.  
  • The city decided to refurbish a city park near the center of illegal services, making public restrooms unavailable.
  • Places in  front of illegal immigrant hotels that used to be reserved for bicycle and moped parking have been reconstructed to reduce capacity, thus preventing illegals from working as bike messengers and city street bike lanes made less usable.
  • Sidewalks have been narrowed with absurdly large planters forcing people to walk closer together and reducing places for homeless to sprawl.
  • Social services for illegals have been placed in locations with no cover from rain, snow, or sun, making long lines more uncvomfortable.  
On the plus side, NYC is trying to discourage what it claimed to want: poor, often poorly educated law-breakers.

On the negative side, there is a cruelness that is so contrary to progressive self-imaging that shows how dishonest progressives are.  It is still cruel.


  1. When they make public restrooms unavailable, they simply change the restroom to open air.

    New York! The new San Francisco.

    1. I think this is why in France all the public restrooms are pissoirs with minimal privacy, or pay toilets.