Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Racial Genocide?

Julius Malema, possibly next prime minister of South Africa, refuses to rule out killing all white people in South Africa.

I am so glad South Africa destroyed all its nuclear weapons and the information required to make them as apartheid collapsed.

Apartheid was an evil system built around distrust of the free market.  (Originally a guarantee of high paying jobs for poor Afrikaaners at the expense of blacks and "coloreds," people of Asian and mixed race. But as bad as apartheid was, it never discussed slaughter of all blacks.

The only good news is that South Africa has moved from a First World nation with great injustice to a Third World nation that cannot even keep electricity operational.  If this guy is elected, every white South African, including many whites who opposed apartheid, need to get ready to leave.  Not enough Jews fled Germany before 1938.  If such a genocide starts, no Western power will intervene.  That would be racist.

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