Saturday, February 3, 2024

I Think This is a Witty Description of a Jail

 Peter Mack for taking all the poetry out of Saturday’s midnight hour by walloping his wife Bridget, was required to give peace bonds or go into retirement at the Hotel de Fremeaux.[New Orleans daily crescent. November 02, 1858, Morning, 1.]

Any clues?

One of you did a great job of hive mind.

This “hotel” may have been a humorous reference to the parish prison, superintended by Captain Frémaux.[1]]

[1] Statement Of The Commissioners Of The Consolidated Debt Of New Orleans, From 14th May, 1852, To 30th September, 1862 (New Orleans: H.G. Stetson & Co,., 1865). 51.

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  1. Napoléon Josèph “Léon” Frémaux was a Parisian born engineer, artist, and Confederate officer who laid out the first streets of Slidell, Louisiana, in 1882 or so. He was already established in New Orleans by 1850, and is known for creating a series of images of New Orleans street vendors from the 1850s to 1870s. There are also some sketches and maps he made of Civil War battles/positions while he was in the CSA army.

    My guess is he may have designed or built a jail in New Orleans?