Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Any Recommendations on Tritium Sights?

 Not for the Walther, for the Colt Mustang.  If I have to travel to an unsafe state that recognizes Idaho or Oregon licenses, this is what I carry.  Tiny, not very light, but it keeps recoil under control for conversational distances.  Yes, I would need my gunsmith to install them.


  1. Better a tiny holo sight. Really better all the way around. Tiny, can see the original sights through most of them, easier for our old eyes to find the target with.

    Look at the Trijicon RMR and vortex Venom, among others.

  2. Novak's and XS Sights have some.

  3. I put the TruGlo fiberoptics on my Glocks - recommended if they are available for your Colt.

    My Colts have very old-school King-Tappan sights.