Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Things I Do Not Need But Always Wanted

Walther PPKS .22LR.

No, not because "Q" assigns it to James Bond (along with a S&W Featherweight .38) at the beginning of Dr. No), but because it is a very clever and timeless design.  A good engineering design will pull me under every time.  This is .22LR so not what you would carry in Khandahar, Oakland, or San Francisco, but a low recoil plinker that should build practice skills at a low cost.  (Not only the ammunition but the gun as well.  This is about half the cost of a PPKS in .380.)

Still: it is small enough to conceal very easily and light.  The Cramer Rule of Living Somewhere Uncivilized is that the mouse gun you have on you and with which you have gone through a couple boxes a month is a more effective defensive arm than the .45 ACP that you do not have on you because of its weight or bulk.

Ideally, you live somewhere that a handgun is not needed.  Since I moved to Boise, I have had few occasions where I felt a need to carry: at high density events which seems attract mass murderers is about it.  Of course, traveling to Connecticut a few years ago, I was glad that I was armed; their state capital city seemed remarkably dangerous.

Nice touch, the rear sight is adjustable for windage with included tool; they include several alternate front sights and tool for adjusting elevation.

I own an American Arms PK-22 which was a licensed copy of the PPK.  It does not lock open on empty magazine and uses a heel magazine release instead of the just below the slide push button release on this PPKS.  It is slightly smaller and only holds seven rounds.  It is also ugly and feels much less sophisticated.  It also cost me about $120 20 years ago.

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  1. I bought a Manurhin-stamped PPK in 1984; Wikipedia says that’s the year Manurhin started importing PP-series with their own stamp into the US. Previously they were stamped Walther.

    Anyway mine was also in .22LR and it was a fun gun to shoot - until it jammed, which was once or twice per magazine (which had the Euro heel release). I never found a brand of ammo that it liked, it hiccuped with everything. I kept it for a long time because PP-series pistols are a sleek and way cool design, but I would never get one for self-defense purposes. If I had to use .22LR, I’d go with a Beretta Bobcat for semi-auto, or a 10-round S&W Revolver. Probably have to get a gunsmith to cut down the barrel on the revolver for pocket carry.