Saturday, February 24, 2024

Two More Victories

 Fouts v. Bonta (S.D.Cal. 2023) struck down California's baton ban:

While Professor Baron or Escobar may have found

news accounts of criminal attacks with a billy in 19th century newspapers, evidence of

misuse does not disprove the common sense observation that law-abiding citizens may

have kept billies for lawful uses. Clayton Cramer, Plaintiffs’ expert, observes that any

criminal misuse of a weapon will receive more attention by news media than the many

non-criminal uses or simple possession of the same weapon.39 Consequently, with the

billy’s presence and use in America throughout the 1800s, statutory analogues for other

weapons are not relevant.

From Hawaii: 

Grell v. Lopez, US Ct App, 9th Cir, August 7, 2023, held the butterfly knife ban violated the Second Amendment as binding on the states through the 14th Amendment.   On February 22, 2024, the 9th Circuit ordered that the case will be reheard en banc. 


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