Wednesday, February 14, 2024


Thank you all for suggestions on how to keep lower inner leg from falling out the bottom of outer leg.  There is also the frustration that the sizes available for square tubes are limited.  I can buy from standard production .75" interior .875" exterior tubes.  Adding .05" strips which are cheap to the exterior sides of the inner leg allows a single screw at the bottom of the exterior leg to act as a stop with the added advantage that the inner leg can be removed and inserted without having to remove the outer leg.  Also, the extra size makes it a closer match and this with less wiggle.

I was going to need a thumbscrew anyway to lock the inner legs in position when extended.  This just moves from a higher positon the bottom. 

DragonPlate has .032" x .310" strips available at a very low price.  Four of these per leg is not bad.

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