Monday, March 20, 2023

Victory (and My Small Part)

Boland v. Bonta (C.D.Cal. 2023) granted a temporary injunction against California's Unsafe Handgun Act.  I played a small part (see pp. 14-15)..  Cornell portrayed early gun proofing laws and gunpowder storage laws as evidence the government has always the right to intervene in firearms laws for public safety.  My part cited by the judge was testifying that these laws only applied to large quantities (30 pounds and 28 pounds being common amounts).  Demonstrating that Cornell did not even have the right location for the N.Y. law was just icing on the cake.  This was six hours on Zoom hold.  By the time I finished poking holes in Cornell's declaration, California's attorney did not cross-examine me 


  1. No such thing as a small part when it comes to influencing others' minds, just as educators have no true idea how many lives and minds they have touched. I'm way over (and down) here in Florida, but thank you.

  2. I wonder if (and hope that) your expertise was applied in the current NY state cases at their supreme court going onne this month

    1. I consulted on this, and cashed a big check for it this morning.

  3. Good. Good you won, and good you got a nice check. Congrats!