Thursday, March 2, 2023

Twilight Zone

I thought I saw every episode in syndication.   One of course starring George Takei was too controversial to show.  It involves a samurai sword brought back from WW2 that takes over a Japanese-American and deals with the racial hatred that came out of WW2, but in a surprisingly un-PC way.

I am not allowed to work past noon so I am watching Season 4 right now.  "Printer's Devil" starring Burgess Meredith who is more than just the guy who sets type on a Linotype.  He has made some modifications to it so news stories he sets take place afterwards, just trying to help the failing small-town newspaper.   There is a cost for the editor and it is not hard to guess.

There is another one set in the Appalachians with a woman using witchcraft to get the man she wants from a rival.  The incredibly beautiful face of the woman using witchcraft looked familiar.   It was Anne Francis.

"The Parallel" involves an astronaut who goes up and someone that looks like him comes back who is some subtly different. 

Another new one involves a little girl who falls out of bed into a parallel dimension.  Mom and Dad can hear her calling them but they cannot see her so they call up their friend the physicist who helps them find her.  A really eerie set of special effects for the parallel dimension in which she and her dog have fallen.

If you do not remember the name, she was in Forbidden Planet and a short-lived female and  detective show called Honey West.  It was unique.  It was a half-hour dramatic show.  Not typical for the 1960s.  What I recall vividly is that Honey had a pet ocelot and she was played as a capable if beautiful private detective.  Aside from an opening where she is dressed in a beautiful very attractive dress, the show was serious without using her looks to hold the audience (not Charlie's Angels). I really enjoyed it.

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