Thursday, March 2, 2023


My cardiologist says that I am probably goinf to need a pacemaker in a few more years.  Have any of you had that done?  She says that it is done under a local anesthetic which seems unbelievable if they are going to put leads into your heart.


  1. My neighborhood runner had a pacemaker installed not long ago and it went well for him. He was walking the neighborhood days after the procedure. The first few weeks he had some visits for tuneups. After a 6-week recovery time he was back running.

    The leads go through a large vein or artery into the heart so crossing those tissue boundaries require adequate time to heal. I'm not sure if he underwent a local anesthetic but he didn't complain one way or the other at the positive results.

  2. My mother had one; long enough that she had to get a replacement battery. A good friend has one. There are different types that do different things. I think they all log "events" and can upload your EKG data to your doctor so the doctor can see how you are doing.
    I have heard only good things about them.

  3. Have taken care of a bunch of patients just after insertion. Basically you have to be careful not to lift heavy objects or raise your arm over your head for a few weeks. Most don't complain of much pain after the procedure.

    The worst negative is an infection in the wires or in the pacer pocket. Pretty rare but I have seen it a few times. Make sure your skin is very clean before you go in for the procedure! They will disinfect your skin, but we always give patients a chlorhexidine wipe-down before sending them down just to be careful.

    My mother-in-law got one, and it completely changed her life. For the good.