Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Making Gluten-Free Bread in a Breadmaker

My wife is gluten intolerant but the smell of fresh baked bread.... So I tried to make it using a suggestion to add a teaspoon of honey and teaspoon of vinegar.   Tastes fine but also makes a fine building material, I am sure.  That is the whole loaf!


  1. I would guess the yeast didn't like the Vinegar all that much.

  2. GF bread is hard to come by...

    I even bought a Zojirushi bread-maker because it had a "gluten-free" setting. I eventually just gave up on sandwich bread. (I gave the bread-maker to my sister.)

    There is bread available in the freezer section of my local store. It is about 5 times the price of regular bread and not that good.

    There is sandwich bread at Costco - not 5 times as expensive - which works if toasted with honey or jam or as garlic toast or for grilled cheese. Costco also has decent prices on several kinds of GF crackers, so it is worth the price of admission. (some of their coffee - not the house brand - is worth it as well)

    If she really needs something bread-like... King Arthur has a GF muffin mix which if you follow the directions (add 1 tsp vanilla) for blueberry muffins with a dusting of sugar are pretty good. There are also several brands that have decent GF cake mixes

    Always add vanilla extract. Even if you're making chocolate cake. Even if you're making pancakes. Add. Vanilla.