Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Raiders of the Lost Ark

I just watched it again.  I have seen it so many times since my first viewing in a Westwood theater and each time I get something more out of it in pleasure. 

The fight sequence in the Nepalese bar, the "I'm making it up as I go" sequence, the opening of the Ark sequence, the Gestapo man melting, the swordsman vs. revolver sequence, the "Top men" and the collection of Army Intelligence crates.   

Something new this time.  Obviously his revolver was lost during the battles with the Germans on the truck.  When we seem him leave the captain's cabin near the end he has switched to an M1911.

I find myself wondering what Jewish reaction was to the film.  It is certainly reverent in its portrayal of what God's reaction would be to National Socialists playing with the Ark even if some of the early descriptions of its powers are really not Biblical. 

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